My Story


Growing up in Los Angeles, I was introduced at an early age to a variety of cultures and styles.  I hope my selection of jewelry exhibits that on my website.

I've fond memories of living across the street from Nat King Cole, seeing Walter Matthau with his spread out feet and saggy face pluck an orange out of the bin at Hughes Market in the Palisades.  I always thought it was funny that on the back of his maid's license plate was, "Yes Suh."  Also, the many parties at Loyd Bridge's home in Malibu where a live band always played, including a flood light on the ocean and delicious food.  And, yes, I danced with Beau and drooled over Jeff as he munched on salsa and chips.

My parent's home was in Malibu north of Paradise Cove where the Rockford Files was filmed.  Below their home was a nudist beach where I'd catch my Uncle Keith there, occasionally. Ha! For years I surfed, scaled the cliffs and ate at Alice's Restaurant out on the pier.

I hope, as you look at my collection of Jewelry and Art, that you'll almost be able to sniff the salty air and hear the tide coming in. I personally selected every item on my website, so take a look and enjoy! In addition, check out prints of my paintings under Art.

Thanks for visiting my website!