About Janet




I'm originally from Los Angeles, born and raised. I graduated from Pepperdine University with degrees in English and Art and taught for Los Angeles City Schools for many years, and had a tutoring center in Salt Lake City for 15 years. Also, I loved exhibiting my paintings in L.A., Laguna Beach and Park City, Utah. 

Today I prefer painting primarily in watercolor, because of the fluidity of the medium. Since growing up by the beach, I'm definitely a water person, and gravitate to the spontaneous aspects of the medium.  

Of course, design and color are very important to me, and I brought these skills when I chose some of my paintings and jewelry to sell on this site. I selected vibrant paintings, which cause people to feel happier. Also, I searched for jewelry which offered great style plus affordability. Gems which you usually don't find in stores or catalogs. 

What woman doesn't love jewelry. I believe it's in our DNA. We gals love to give our attire that added sparkle and uniqueness, which represents our personality and presentation to the world. Fun and fashionable pieces to wear for casual occasions or formal events.

Take a look at my jewelry and paintings, and discover items which fit your personality and style.

Thanks for visiting my website!

www.janets-artworks.com (Jewelry and Art)

Janet Peters