Have you ever noticed how you feel after a thunderstorm? Recently in Salt Lake City we've experienced more of them, and I've felt so alive.   Why is  that?  We can thank negative ions for creating a positive feeling in our minds and bodies.  Research shows that breathing in air that is full of these negative ions can have a huge effect on our well being.

What are negative ions?  Ions are atoms or molecules which have lost or gained an electron.  Protons comprise positive ions because they are more abundant, but negative ions are charged because they have more electrons than protons.  That makes a profound difference.  After a thunderstorm the air is full of them, and the free electrons attach themselves to pollution and allergens, such as smoke, mold, pollen or smoke particles.  Indoor purifiers which emit negative ions can reduce microscopic organisms in our homes, because  the good ions attach themselves to these particles rendering them harmless.  As a consequence, these ions have an antidepressant effect on us.  Only 30 minutes a day of exposure can make us feel happier, positive and alive.

How can we create more of them in our lives?  Unless we live at the ocean where they are naturally abundant, because moving water throws off negative ions, we need to find other sources like sitting next to a waterfall, rushing river or an air purifier that throws them off in our homes.  At the end of this article are links on Amazon where you can purchase air purifiers, air conditioning units and humidifiers with negative ion components. 

More natural approaches to lifting a depressed mood are out there, such as negative ions.  A much better method, than solving the problem with a pill or expensive therapy, is breathing in purified air imbued with negative ions.  Summer is here, and this is a good time to buy a cooler with a negative ion component.

Creatively solving difficulties in our lives-thinking outside the box-can create more natural and healthier approaches to living.

Janet Peters




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