Hopeless for Desserts: feeling less guilty

Creative Ways to Enjoy Low-Cal Desserts

I grew up in Los Angeles where image was everything.  My glamorous  Mother told me I was on a pedestal, and that I should do nothing to be demoted.  As  a result, I joined a club in high school in which all the girls were garbed in black.  Either stick thin or chubby, we stuck out for being unorthodox-seen frequently on Sunset Blvd. at the coffee bars drinking lattes and cappuccinos topped with thick, whipped cream.348s  

On top of it all, I became lactose intolerant with a proclivity for milk: malts, fudge sundaes and ice cream, as my stomach churned, my butt farted and my face turned unnaturally red.  Until, I fortunately discovered lactose tablets.  Yeah!  I could continue opening the freezer door and take out a gallon of ice cream, filling a soup bowl to the brim with chocolate chip ice cream.

As the years progressed, I eventually married an architect with the added responsibility of  entertaining  regularly, which meant highlighting the meals with  memorably, rich desserts.   High calorie, artery clogging rich foods.   Eventually, I wised up and researched ways to please the palates of  Clint's clients, as well as my family.    

What I discovered was the utilization of small Pyrex dessert dishes and fancy wine, liquor glasses.  After all, the presentation had to be alluring.  The later glasses were for company, I might add.  Also, I began researching easy recipes that I could start serving.  My reputation as a healthy, yet great cook became my motto.  Men would stop me in the market, and beg for me to share with their wives healthy recipes for them to cook.  

I don't know if you're like me, and don't like spending hours finding recipes to cook.  I prefer the glance approach and no calorie counting.  I've compiled great, easy dessert recipes that you can begin to prepare.  And don't forget to serve them in lovely dishes/glasses  for family and friends.


Janet's Delicious Desserts:

  • Bananas (saute in small amount of butter), lemon juice, add a touch of brown sugar.  Serve plain or over low-fat, Greek Yogurt or ice cream
  • Preferably, organic frozen berries (defrosted)  or fresh berries-love raspberries, a little sugar and serve over yogurt or ice cream
  • Sliced papaya-take out seeds- and fill center with lime sherbet, so easy!
  • Fill a wine glass with 7-up and add rounded, scoops of favorite sherbet
  • Fresh, sliced apples sprinkled with cane sugar and cinnamon
  • Sliced peaches with a touch of cinnamon (toasted almonds, optional) over low-cal yogurt or ice cream
  • Sliced sponge cake with fresh or frozen raspberries, etc. topped with yogurt or ice cream
  • Pineapple sherbet with a small dab of marshmallow cream (Hershey chocolate syrup, optional)
  • Low fat vanilla ice cream with a dab of peanut butter (children love this-delicious!)
  • Dip whole, peeled bananas in chocolate (Hersheys, etc.) and freeze-super good!
  • Greek Yogurt, salted nuts (almonds are so healthy), and berries
  • Orange slices with chocolate dip/yogurt
  • Frozen yogurt
Enjoy these recipes-delight your guest, family and yourself!  Keep healthy while maintaining a balanced, nutritious diet. Janet Peters: www.janetpetersart.com  Blog:  www.creative-drive.com

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