Tips on Writing!

It's Sat. July 25th in Salt Lake City.  The sky is blue, an azure blue, clear and not a cloud in the sky.  Not at all like skies in Los Angeles where I was born and raised.  Usually, the sky was a brownish gray which hung heavy over the city. After teaching English for many years, I still apply a method for writing: generate, percolate, incubate and evaluate.  First the ideas must be generated, then allowed to sink deep in your unconscious and simmer.  The next step involves ideas which rise to the surface with freshness, percolate into consciousness. Then all those new inspirations must be evaluated, an essential step in the writing process. I utilized this method in my book, "Divine Interventions," which was published on Kindle/Amazon a few weeks ago.  It is about elegant and divine interventions which kept me buoyant, alive and joyous while growing up in Los Angeles.  Sometimes, I was whisked away to heaven, other times new people would emerge into my life.  Other moments, miracles would arise, even the paranormal seemed to seep into my life.  Check it out...I would like some of your opinions. Everyone, have a gr8 day! Janet

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