Can We Resonate With Everything in Our World?

Can You Resonate With Everything in Your World?

“Reflections of...

Passion Drives Life: "La La Land"


“Passionate Poppies,” by Janet Peters

If you haven’t seen “La La Land,” carve...


IMG_0272 (1) By Janet Peters After my husband passed away in '03, it was the knowing and familiarity of being with that person for 39 years that I missed.  For all those years: my awareness, nervous system and soul were conditioned what to expect, those familiar responses.  Then he was gone and newness, just newness was unveiled to me. Some people would equate this to pure luck, destiny...getting away from an abusive relationship.  A way out, now your world is your oyster to some respect.  Don't believe it, for too...

The Importance of Coffee in Order to Finish My Blog

Hi, Again! I'd to make myself another pot of coffee before I finished this blog.  As I've gotten older, coffee is an essential  part of life: wakes my mind up, gets the juices flowing and and puts more bounce into my steps when I go back and forth from the computer to the bathroom.  Ha!  Coffee does have its downfalls.  After teaching Art and English for many  years, I thought I would create my own cover, which I did digitally.  I think it befits the theme.  Again, I would appreciate you comments and opinions. Thanks! Janet .Read the article →

Tips on Writing!

It's Sat. July 25th in Salt Lake City.  The sky is blue, an azure blue, clear and not a cloud in the sky.  Not at all like skies in Los Angeles where I was born and raised.  Usually, the sky was a brownish gray which hung heavy over the city. After teaching English for many years, I still apply a method for writing: generate, percolate, incubate and evaluate.  First the ideas must be generated, then allowed to sink deep in your unconscious and simmer.  The next step involves ideas which rise to the surface with freshness, percolate into consciousness. Then...